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Blue Large-Amplitude Pulsators and Other Short-Period Variable Stars in the OGLE-IV Galactic Disk Fields

J. Borowicz, P. Pietrukowicz, P. Mróz, I. Soszyński, A. Udalski, M. K. Szymański, K. Ulaczyk, R. Poleski, S. Kozłowski, J. Skowron, D. M. Skowron, K. Rybicki, P. Iwanek, M. Wrona, M. Gromadzki
Acta Astronomica, 73, 1 (arXiv:2309.06012)

Blue Large-Amplitude Pulsators (BLAPs) form a mysterious class of variable stars with typical periods of tens of minutes and amplitudes above 0.1 mag. In this work, we present results of a variability search focused on timescales shorter than 1 h, conducted in OGLE-IV Galactic disk fields containing about 1.1 billion stellar sources down to I~20 mag. Twenty-five BLAPs have been detected, 20 of which are new discoveries. Their periods range from 8.4 min to 62.1 min. Example objects are shown in the figure below.

Example I-band light curves and Color-Magnitude Diagrams

We have also found six new eclipsing binary systems with orbital periods from 38.3 min to 121.3 min and five short-period large-amplitude (< 0.17 mag in the I-band) variable stars of unknown type. Three such variable stars are presented here.

Example of short-period eclipsing binaries discovered in the paper

PLEASE cite the following paper when using the data or referring to these OGLE results:
Borowicz et al., 2023, Acta Astronomica, 73, 1, (arXiv:2309.06012)