OGLE Cepheids Database Query Form

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Data SQL Data SQL Data SQL
Field Field I mag I I0 mag I_0
StarID StarID V mag V V0 mag V_0
R.A. RA B mag B B0 mag B_0
Dec. DECL B-V B_V (B-V)0 B_V_0
Period P V-I V_I R21 R_21
T0 T_0 WI W_I Phi21 Phi_21
Log10P log_P E(B-V) E_B_V Type Type

Coordinates output format:        HH:MM:SS        Decimal

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Query may be any valid SQL query (going after WHERE keyword).
Use data fields names (case is insignificant) taken from SQL columns in the above table.
Values for string fields (Field and Type) must be enclosed in single apostrophes (')
To use wildcard characters ('%' matches any string, '_' matches single character), use LIKE operator:
Field LIKE 'SMC%'
Type LIKE 'F_'
For numeric fields, use any of comparison operators: <, >, <=, >=, =
To enter coordinates in hexagesimal format, use function H2D() and apostrophes:
ra>h2d('5:40:25') and decl<h2d('-70:25')
Subqueries may be combined with logical operators: AND, OR, NOT and parentheses ()
p>20 and (b_v>1 or v_i<0.7)
To sort output by one of the data field, add 'ORDER BY' clause, followed by field name. Append 'DESC' keyword to get sorting in descending order.
v_i<1 order by p
v<19 order by ra desc