The OGLE Collection of Variable Stars

Over 78 000 RR Lyrae Stars in the Galactic Bulge and Disk

I. Soszyński, A. Udalski, M. Wrona, M. K. Szymański, P. Pietrukowicz, J. Skowron, D. Skowron, R. Poleski, S. Kozłowski, P. Mróz, K. Ulaczyk, K. Rybicki, P. Iwanek, and M. Gromadzki
Acta Astronomica, 69, 321 (arXiv:2001.00025)

We present an upgrade of the OGLE Collection of RR Lyrae stars in the Galactic bulge and disk. The size of our sample has been doubled and reached 78 350 RR Lyr variables, of which 56 508 are fundamental-mode pulsators (RRab stars), 21 321 pulsate solely in the first-overtone (RRc stars), 458 are classical double-mode pulsators (RRd stars), and 63 are anomalous RRd variables (including five triple-mode pulsators). For all the newly identified RR Lyr stars, we publish time-series photometry obtained during the OGLE Galaxy Variability Survey.

Light curves of RR Lyrae stars in the Galactic disk

We present the spatial distribution of RR Lyr stars on the sky, provide a list of globular clusters hosting RR Lyr variables, and discuss the Petersen diagram for multimode pulsators. We find new RRd stars belonging to a compact group in the Petersen diagram (with period ratios P1O/PF = 0.74 and fundamental-mode periods PF = 0.44 d) and we show that their spatial distribution is roughly spherically symmetrical around the Milky Way center.

Spatial distribution of RR Lyrae stars in the Galactic bulge and disk

OGLE photometric data are available to the astronomical community from the OGLE Internet Archive.

PLEASE cite the following paper when using the data or referring to these OGLE results:
Soszyński et al., 2019, Acta Astronomica, 69, 321 (arXiv:2001.00025)

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