Dwarf Novae in the OGLE Data

I. Three New Dwarf Novae: One in the Period Gap and Two Longer Period Objects

We report serendipitous discovery of three new dwarf novae which eruptions in 2010 were observed by the ongoing microlensing survey OGLE-IV.

Light curves of new dwarf novae

All three objects are located in the Galactic bulge fields observed with the highest cadence of 20 minutes. In the OGLE-III and OGLE-IV data we revealed a total of 23 outbursts for one of the stars (OGLE-BLG-DN-001).

Outburst profiles of OGLE-BLG-DN-001
Superoutburst (left) and normal outburst (right) profiles.
Different symbols indicate data from different outbursts and key gives truncated HJD for each outburst.

What makes this object most interesting is the derived superhump period of 2.61 h placing it in the orbital period gap. The superhump period changed during the superoutburst with a very short timescale. For two other objects, for which we observed outburst, the orbital periods of 5.4 h and 9.5 h were measured in the quiescence.

Quiescence data for OGLE-BLG-DN-003

PLEASE cite the following paper when using the data or referring to these OGLE results:
Poleski et al., 2011, Acta Astron., 61, 123 (arXiv:1107.2407)

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