Spectroscopy of Puzzling OGLE Variable Stars. Mysterious object OGLE-GD-DSCT-0058

We have taken low-resolution spectra of 24 various puzzling OGLE variable objects detected in the OGLE-III Galactic disk and bulge fields. The spectra have helped in the identification of some young stellar objects and magnetic stars and a definitive classification of many short-period multi-mode pulsating stars that they are of δ Sct not β Cep type.

We confirm that OGLE-GD-CEP-0013 is a classical Cepheid despite a peculiar shape of its light curve.

The spectrum of object OGLE-GD-DSCT-0058 shows that it is too hot to be a δ Sct type star. Its observed properties do not fit to any kind of known pulsating variables.

Updated data on the OGLE variables can be found in the OGLE Internet archive.

PLEASE cite the following paper when refering to these results: Pietrukowicz et al., 2015, Acta Astron., 65, 63 (arXiv:1503.03499)

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