The Optical Gravitational Lensing Experiment.
Variable stars in globular clusters.
I. Fields 5139A-C in Omega Centauri.

Kaluzny J., Kubiak M., Szymanski. M., Udalski A.,
Krzeminski W., and Mateo., M.

1996, Astron. Astrophys. Suppl., 120, 139 (ADS)


hree fields covering the central part of the globular cluster Omega Cen were surveyed in a search for variable stars. We present V-band light curves for 22 periodic variables: 9 SX~Phe stars, 7 contact binaries, 5 detached or semi-detached binaries, and one spotted variable (FK Com or RS CVn type star). Only 2 of these variables were previously known. All SX Phe stars and all contact binaries from our sample belong to blue stragglers. Observed properties of these stars are consistent with their cluster membership. Of particular interest is detection of two well detached binaries with periods P=1.50 day and P=2.47 day. Further study of these two binaries can provide direct information about properties of turnoff stars in Omega Cen. An uncomplete light curve of a Mira variable known as V2 was obtained. We present V vs. V-I color-magnitude diagrams for the monitored part of the cluster.