BVI photometric maps of the OGLE-II SMC fields

We present the BVI photometric maps of the Small Magellanic Cloud. They contain BVI photometry and astrometry of more than 2 million stars from the central parts of the SMC. The data were collected during the second phase of the OGLE microlensing project. We discuss the accuracy of the data and present color-magnitude diagrams of all 11 fields observed by OGLE-II in the SMC.

To see a schematic map in celestial coordinates, go to our Maps Page.
To check if we observe(d) at particular RA/Dec, use OGLE Field Finder.

The BVI maps of the SMC are accessible electronically for the astronomical community from the OGLE Internet archive. See README file there for details.

Users of these data are kindly requested to send us a short note. Any comments about the data and the form of their presentation are also welcome as they can improve the future releases of photometric maps of other OGLE-II fields. Send your messages to this address.

PLEASE cite the following paper when using the data or referring to these OGLE results:
Udalski et al., 1999, Acta Astron., 48, 147.