OGLE-II Monitoring of QSO 2237+0305 (Huchra's lens)


Equatorial coordinates of QSO 2237+0305:
RA (J2000.0) 22:40:30.27   Dec (J2000.0) 03:21:31.0
Finding chart is also available: choose FITS image or Postscript plot

OGLE-II light curves of QSO 2237+0305 (1997-2000):

OGLE-II light curves of QSO 2237+0305 can be also obtained in Postscript format from the OGLE Internet Archive:   choose magnitude scale or linear flux scale

OGLE-II photometry of QSO 2237+0305 is available from the OGLE Internet archive. Data files contain photometry of all components of the Huchra's lens (A-D) and two comparison stars. See README file.

Photometry of QSO 2237+0305 was obtained with the image subtraction technique (Alard&Lupton 1998; Alard 2000; Wozniak 2000). The details on calibration of DIA (Difference Image Analysis) light curves and microlensing events in QSO 2237+0305 observed by OGLE-II are given in Wozniak et al. (2000a) and Wozniak et al. (2000b).

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