Catalog of 214 Microlensing Events in the Galactic Bulge

We present the Catalog of microlensing events detected toward the Galactic bulge in three observing seasons, 1997-1999, during the OGLE-II microlensing survey. The search for microlensing events was performed using a database of about 4×109 photometric measurements of about 20.5 million stars from the Galactic bulge. The Catalog comprises 214 cases of microlensing events found in the fields covering about 11 square degrees on the sky and distributed in different parts of the Galactic bulge. The sample includes 20 binary microlensing events, 14 of them are caustic crossing. In one case a double star is likely lensed.
We present distribution of the basic parameters of microlensing events and show preliminary rate of microlensing in different regions of the Galactic bulge.

The latter reveals clear dependence on the Galactic coordinates. The dependence on l indicates that the majority of lenses toward the Galactic bulge are located in the Galactic bar. Models of the Galactic bar seem to reasonably predict the observed spatial distribution of microlensing events in the Galactic bulge.
Catalog data can be accessed through:
• The OGLE project Internet FTP archive.
• HTML table of all events, with individual links.
• Light curves gallery, with individual links (may take long to load).

We also present another catalog of 520 microlensing events in the Galactic Bulge, based on Difference Image Analysis method.

Please cite the following paper(s) when using the data or referring to these OGLE results:
Udalski et al., 2000, Acta Astron., 50, 1
Wozniak et al., 2001, Acta Astron., 51, 175

Any comments about the data and the form of their presentation are welcome as they can improve the future releases of OGLE catalogs.
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