25 Years of the OGLE Survey
On the night of April 12/13 1992 the first sky images were collected starting the OGLE era

Searching for Potential Mergers among OGLE Binary Stars
No large population of unbound or wide-orbit Jupiter-mass planets
First release of the Web interface to the OGLE Collection of Variable Stars
Concluding Henrietta Leavitt's Work on Classical Cepheids in the Magellanic System
Blue large-amplitude pulsators (BLAPs) as a new class of variable stars
MOA-2012-BLG-006: A companion on the planet/brown dwarf mass boundary on a wide orbit
Over 450 000 Eclipsing and Ellipsoidal Binary Systems Toward the Galactic Bulge
Eclipsing Binaries in the Magellanic System

  • General description and history
  • Telescope and instrumentation