The OGLE Collection of Variable Stars

Over 450 000 Eclipsing and Ellipsoidal Binary Systems Toward the Galactic Bulge

I. Soszyński, M. Pawlak, P. Pietrukowicz, A. Udalski, M. K. Szymański, Ł. Wyrzykowski, K. Ulaczyk, R. Poleski, S. Kozłowski, D.M. Skowron, J. Skowron, P. Mróz, A. Hamanowicz
Acta Astronomica, 66, 405 (arXiv:1701.03105)

We present a collection of 450 598 eclipsing and ellipsoidal binary systems detected in the OGLE fields toward the Galactic bulge. The collection consists of binary systems of all types: detached, semi-detached, and contact eclipsing binaries, RS CVn stars, cataclysmic variables, HW Vir binaries, double periodic variables, and even planetary transits. For all stars we provide the I- and V-band time-series photometry obtained during the OGLE-II, OGLE-III, and OGLE-IV surveys. We discuss methods used to identify binary systems in the OGLE data and present several objects of particular interest.

Example light curves of eclipsing binaries in the Galactic bulge

All photometric data is available from the OGLE Internet Archive

PLEASE cite the following paper when using the data or referring to these OGLE results:
Soszyński et al., 2016, Acta Astronomica, 66, 405 (arXiv:1701.03105)

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