The OGLE-III Catalog of Variable Stars

IV. Long-Period Variables in the Large Magellanic Cloud

The fourth part of the OGLE-III Catalog of Variable Stars presents 91 995 long-period variables (LPVs) in the Large Magellanic Cloud (LMC). This sample consists of 79 200 OGLE Small Amplitude Red Giants (OSARGs), 11 128 semiregular variables (SRVs) and 1667 Mira stars. The catalog data include basic photometric and astrometric properties of these stars, long-term multi-epoch VI photometry and finding charts.

Light curves

We describe the methods used for the identification and classification of LPVs. The distribution of I-band amplitudes for carbon-rich stars shows two maxima, corresponding to Miras and SRVs. Such a distinction between Miras and SRVs is not obvious for oxygen-rich stars. We notice additional period-luminosity sequence located between Wood's sequences C and C' and populated by SRVs.

Period-luminosity relation

The OGLE-III Catalog of Long-Period Variables in the LMC is available from the OGLE Internet archive. See README file there for details.

PLEASE cite the following paper when using the data or referring to these OGLE results:
Soszyński et al., 2009, Acta Astron., 59, 239 (astro-ph/0910.1354)

Any comments about the data and the form of their presentation are welcome as they can improve the future releases of catalogs of variable stars detected by the OGLE collaboration. Send your messages to this address.