The OGLE-III Catalog of Variable Stars

VI. δ Scuti Stars in the Large Magellanic Cloud

The sixth part of the OGLE-III Catalog of Variable Stars comprises of 2786 δ Scuti (DSCT) stars in the Large Magellanic Cloud (LMC). For all objects we publish the VI multi-epoch OGLE photometry as well as finding charts and basic parameters. Altogheter 1490 of our variables are marked as uncertain, due to scattered photometry and small amplitudes.

Sample light-curves of δ Scuti stars.

The catalog contains 92 multi-mode pulsators including 67 stars pulsating in the fundamental mode and the first overtone (F/1O), nine double-mode pulsators with various combinations of the first three overtones excited (1O/2O, 2O/3O and 1O/3O pulsators), and two triple mode (F/1O/2O) δ Scuti stars. For single-mode objects it was not possible to unambiguously identify pulsation mode, however we suggest the most of the single-mode variable stars pulsate in the first overtone.

The OGLE-III Catalog of δ Scuti stars in the LMC is available from the OGLE Internet archive. See README file there for details.

PLEASE cite the following paper when using the data or referring to these OGLE results:
Poleski et al., 2010, Acta Astron., 60, 1 (astro-ph/1004.0950)

Any comments about the data and the form of their presentation are welcome as they can improve the future releases of catalogs of variable stars detected by the OGLE collaboration. Send your messages to this address.