Interstellar Extinction toward the Galactic Bulge from OGLE-III data

Extinction Calculator

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(Experimental, do not exceed ca. 5000 lines)

Coordinates may be entered as DD.DDDDD, DD:MM:SS.SS or (in single query only) DD MM SS.SS   Right Ascension always in hours.

Uploaded file should have coordinates in columns 1 and 2 and may begin with special line starting with '#' followed by any of tokens:
   RD LB   for RA/Dec or galactic l/b coordinates (default: RD)
   NG NN   for algorithm, see below (default: NG)
   GOOD ALL   to use good (QF=0) or all data points (default: GOOD)

Available algorithms: Requests outside covered area result in values of -9.999. Only the grid points within 600 arcsecs are considered.
The interpolation requires the requested coords to lie inside the convex hull of the grid points used for calculations.

Last column always gives the distance to the nearest grid point.

Raw data used by this Calculator and description of columns are available here.     As of May 31, 2013, new, denser grid is available, see changes file for details.

The values of R_JKVI=E(J-Ks)/E(V-I) shown by this calculator primarily assume the E(J-Ks) measurements of Gonzalez et al. (2012). If you use these measurements as well, you should cite Gonzalez et al. (2012, A&A...543A..13G).

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